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Your First Visit


Your first visit will take 90 minutes. We will listen to your story and ask some scoliosis specific questions, take measurements and some photos of your posture. This will be a good reference point for your ongoing treatment and the success of it. We will discuss the nature of your scoliosis, explain our treatment principles including the Schroth Method and start with some basic corrective exercises.








What To Bring on Your First Treatment


Please bring along any scoliosis specific XRays, scoliosis specific braces or details on previous scoliosis specific treatment (should you have had any). There is no need to have XRays or other scans taken prior to our appointment.


What To Wear


We will examine your posture and spine and take you into our open Pilates studio. Sports-bra and tight leggings for females (plus T-shirt or tank top for the Pilates studio work), tight fitting vest and shorts for males would be most appreciated.

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