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Susie welcomes any client, “every body”, from those wanting general fitness Pilates to those with specific orthopaedic or neurological rehabilitation needs. Susie’s teaching style is creative, her classes are fun, there is always something new to learn or focus on. With her keen eye and critical thinking skills Susie ensures her teaching adapts to each client's specific needs.

SUSIE HIGGINS BSc(conv) Physiotherapy; MCSP


cert. Bodycontrol Pilates (UK) Instructor; cert. Schroth Instructor; cert. PMA Instructor; Licensed Ron Fletcher Instructor; cert. Pre and Postnatal Pilates Instructor; Certified Pfilates Instructor; Pilates For Children; Physiotherapy Assistant (Canada); Chartered Physiotherapist (Germany, UK); Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK); BSc Physiotherapy conversion degree from physiotherapy diploma in 2011; IADMS and Healthy Dancer Canada member


It all started when Susie was working as a chartered physiotherapist in London, UK and decided to attend a four hour workshop on Pilates for Health Professionals in 1987. It was held by Body Control Pilates UK, Europe's largest professional Pilates organization. What impressed her back then was the depth and precision of the work based on its three main principles:  breath, whole body health and whole body commitment. Susie decided to explore this method further and embarked on her Pilates journey in addition to her physiotherapy career.

In 2001 after 12 years working as a physiotherapist in London,UK, Susie and her husband moved to Vancouver, Canada, where they became proud parents of two wonderful children.

Susie has now been teaching movement and Pilates for 20+ years certifying initially through Body Control Pilates (UK) in matwork and reformer. Along the way Susie certified in comprehensive equipment Pilates through Balanced Body, became a licensed Ron Fletcher Instructor (Floorwork, Towelwork, Spinecorrector and Barre) and certified Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR!) Instructor as well as Pre and Postnatal Instructor.

Susie is actively involved with the dance community developing and teaching dance specific strength and conditioning programs for dancers and dance students (ages 9-18 years), attending and presenting at local dance events, regional and international IADMS conferences. Susie is an active member of Healthy Dancer Canada.


Professional life took on yet another dimension when in 2018 Susie went for two weeks to Germany and stayed at the  “Asklepios Katharina Schroth  Klinik“ where she certified as a Schroth Therapist. The Schroth method is evidence based state of the art conservative treatment for scoliosis and other spinal deformities.


Susie holds regular workshops on specific Pilates topics, such as Pilates and Scoliosis, Pilates and the Shoulder, Pilates For Health Professionals. 


Susie believes in practising what you preach by taking regular private classes herself and staying up to date with workshops by, to name just a few, Erik Franklin, Ton Voogt and Michael Fritzke, Elizabeth Larkham, Karen Clippinger, Diane Lee, LJ Lee, Tom Meyers, MJ Bloom well as international conferences.



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