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All subsequent sessions are 60 minutes long. We ask that you  book 6-8 private sessions within two to three weeks so that you can become very familiar with the Schroth principles, home exercise program and your individual postural corrections. It is a complex method, so repetition is important.


After your First 6-8 Private Sessions


  1. Continue with private training as often as you like for those who find it difficult to work in a group or are not suited for a group due to the severity of their specific curve pattern.

  2. Continue with private training once a month or twice a month. This is highly  recommended to ensure good performance and adjust your program as and when needed.

  3. Train in small groups of 3 in eight week blocks. Group sessions are an affordable option for people who have gone through a series of individual Schroth lessons and possess a good understanding of their own curves and how this affects their posture.


Regardless of which type of class you proceed to train with us, treatments are always tailored to your specific curve pattern and your individual abilities. All treatment sessions are 60 minutes long.

From out of town?

If you do not live local, but would however like to learn more about the Schroth method and how it could benefit you and your for your body,  contact us for more information and we would be happy to assist on organizing a visit.

After your first 90 minute visit, we will book 6 individual 60 minute sessions over the next 4 -5 days. You will have a session in the morning and a session in the afternoon.

Please contact Susie direct at for further information.


Initial treatment (90minutes)  TBD

Subsequent  (60 minutes)         TBD

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