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How does a scoliotic spine move different to a “normal “spine? How do we create an effective exercise program?

In this four-hour workshop you will learn:

  • To understand the mechanics of scoliosis

  • How to assess scoliosis

  • How to then successfully apply specifically designed exercises to help lengthen the spine and build a better aligned mobile yet stable spine. 

  • Learn how to work a three-dimensional approach to movement to change your client’s scoliosis.


Date:  Friday July 21st, 2023  (4pm – 8pm)

Location: Trimetrics Physiotherapy Clinic, North Vancouver


Date: Friday September 15th (4pm-8pm)

Location: Trimetrics Physiotherapy Clinic, North Vancouver

Cost:  $ 183.75   ($175 plus GST)

For more info: Susie Higgins           604 970 1057    email:




Discover why Pilates is the ideal companion to the Schroth Method of corrective exercises for people with scoliosis.

The course is aimed at Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy Assistants, RMTs OT’s and Pilates Instructors. 


It is built on the knowledge that you already have a strong foundation teaching Pilates exercises / exercises and that you have a good knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology.


The objective of this course is to facilitate the teaching of Pilates to a special client population.


Learn indications, progressions, modifications and contraindications to Pilates for people with scoliosis.

Learn how clients can integrate their individual scoliosis specific physiotherapy exercises and principles into their Pilates routine.


Upon completion of this two day workshop you will be confident in modifying Pilates based exercises for people with scoliosis.

The course will be a combination of pre-course reading, online lectures and live webinars.

Date: TBD

Times:  10am -12.30pm  and 2pm-4pm each day.

Cost:     $525 ($500  plus 5% GST)  

Please contact Susie at for more information.

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